BRGN by Lunde & Gaundal – The story

BRGN by Lunde & Gaundal was founded in 2015 by Karine Lunde Trellevik and Ros-Mari Tobiassen Gaundal.

They both origin from the eastern parts of Norway, but moved to Bergen on the west coast after meeting their slightly better halves.

After a few years in Bergen they became colleagues and friends. During one of their evening strolls (crawls) up the mount Floyen, Ros-Mari asked Karine if she had any difficulty finding a nice coat to wear in this Bergen weather? One that did not look like typical rainwear or even the "allværsjakke" they so often end up using in Norway. Karine had to admit that it was difficult finding a coat she liked that also happened to be waterproof. With Karine being an experienced designer and Ros-Mari being an excellent business manager, they decided to take the problem into their own hands.
This became the brand, BRGN by Lunde & Gaundal.

We hope you like our products and that they help you stay dry and warm without compromising on style!

Karine & Ros-Mari

The movie